Lost in the Forest – Classic Adventure Game

Lost in the forest is a classic adventure game. The protagonist is an airman who ends up in a storm, loses control of his plane and falls into a mysterious forest.
The next day is stuck under a tree and must find a way to break free and solve various puzzles to make it back home safely.

Features of “Lost in the Forest”:

  • Compelling graphics and attention to detail that will immerse you in a forest full of dangers and tricky puzzles to solve.
  • Collect items that are in the path and use them to solve puzzles and progress towards the solution of the game
  • On top of the screen there is an inventory of the objects found, can be useful at various stages of the game when you have to solve the puzzles.
  • This adventure game is suited to a wide audience, but given its mysterious and dark atmosphere is still recommended the presence of an adult.

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