Two Bad Fellas

Two Bad Fellas is a gripping cartoon-style horror game that promises to take players on a terrifying and immersive gaming experience. If you’re a fan of uniquely styled horror games, “Two Bad Fellas” is a title you should definitely explore.


The game begins as a story but quickly transforms into a dark nightmare. Follow the journey of a young boy trapped in a nightmarish dream. His mission is to find his mother, but he’s not alone in this adventure. His only companion is his cherished teddy bear, a precious gift from his mother. However, eerie shadows lurking in his room might have other plans. The boy must navigate to safety with his teddy bear and embark on a quest to reunite with his mother. And so, this extraordinary adventure begins.

How to Play:

The game is straightforward yet engaging. Your objective is to awaken from this nightmare. To do so, you must guide your teddy bear to the safe spots marked by a bright blue teddy symbol. Once you reach the final safe spot, seek out the golden door, and you will finally awaken. You’ll need to be skillful and strategic to evade threats and reach safety with your teddy bear.

Key Features:

Puzzles and Hidden Objects: Explore the nightmare to find keys and hidden objects to unlock drawers and progress in the story. Terrifying Enemies: Confront unique enemies, including a headless dancing couple and a mad scientist in relentless pursuit of objects to throw. Teddy Bear Rescue: Your traveling companion is your teddy bear, which you must protect from sinister creatures. You can hide it in safe places, but beware—if it’s captured, the “bad fellas” will catch up to you. Cartoon Horror Atmosphere: “Two Bad Fellas” maintains a cartoon-style atmosphere with a combination of mist and subdued lighting that contributes to building a suspenseful tension. If you’re prepared for a unique and captivating horror adventure, “Two Bad Fellas” is the game to try. Get ready to confront the darkness and wake up from this nightmare, if you dare!”

Protect your Teddy, fight the monsters!

Two Bad Fellas on Steam!

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