Mystery Manor – Puzzle Escape Adventure

Escape from this horror old mansion, doc Di Nero wants to trap you in his lab!

I am trapped!
I just woke up in this place, it looks so weird, i can see a table over there, there is a big recorder.
The voice of Doctor Di Nero comes from the tape. I am in this old mansion for an evil experiment, i must escape from here!
There is a door over there, it seems locked but i got these keys from the table.
The rooms are big and quite old, full of riddles, it is getting harder and harder to solve them, i hope i can do it.
Also the corridor is full of traps and puzzles, i must solve them  if i want to unlock the doors and break free, what i want is just to escape!
download the Experiment, escape game in google play!

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  1. 掐狐狸少年 ha detto:

    I’m very glad to know this game, which is downloaded from the APP on my mobile phone.

    But now I’m stuck in the “direction sign maze” level in a room of this game, and I need to guide the direction sign to get out of the maze exit correctly and under the green flag. It’s a pity that I didn’t find any video clips in my search. I also tried for many hours without any success. I hope you developers can help me continue to experience this game.

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