Zombie Fear

Zombie Fear, the Survival adventure zombie game is out in the store!

Zombie survival game, in a dark room only your mind can stop the dead apocalypse.
Try to escape, your goal is to survive the dead walking around you, but you don’t have weapons, only your brain can find the way out. Can you survive the zombie invasion?

You wake up in a psychiatric hospital, you don’t even know how you got there.
You look around and hear horrible sounds coming from the other room, you have to escape!
The hospital is full of zombies and you don’t even know how you ended up in that horror hospital.
Zombies are not intelligent creatures but the dead are everywhere and you can’t afford to make mistakes.
Use your brain, not to feed the zombies but to find a way out and avoid the dead who have now filled the corridor.
Terror and death, but you must survive.
Zombie Fear is a survival game where you don’t have to use weapons in this apocalypse war, but your brain to escape from the zombies.
An Escape Room full of suspense and staggering zombies.
Download Zombie Fear – Survival Game now!

IOS: Zombie Fear ; Survival Escape Game

Android: Zombie Fear : Survival Escape Game

Room 50 : free adventure game

Room 50: free adventure game

Room 50 is an adventure game, escape the mystery and solve the case

one morning, a sudden visit. “An elderly couple is waiting for you at the entrance,” says Martha.
Bad news, the couple’s daughter is missing, they beg you to help find her, they are desperate.
A dense mystery hides behind this disappearance. Whoever kidnapped the girl left a strange wooden box, you have to be able to open it, you have to unravel the mystery.
Start the adventure!

Room 50 : free adventure game
Room 50 : free adventure game Android

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Escape the Prison 2: free adventure game

Escape the Prison 2: free adventure game

A new prison to escape, second chapter of the famous free adventure game

Escape the prison 2 the free adventure game is back with the second chapter.
You are now in a new prison, all controlled by computer systems, try to find tools and objects all around and use them to solve puzzles, try to Escape!
Escape the Prison 2: free adventure game
Escape the Prison 2: free adventure game Android

Escape Titanic: free adventure game

Escape Titanic: free adventure game

The big Iceberg is still far away, but there is a diamond thief in the boat, can you help the lady to find her ring? Maybe is hidden in the bedroom where the old man is sleeping.
Escape Titanic adventure is loosely based on the historical story of the titanic, the ship sunk in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912.
Challenge your brain in this new and free amazing escape adventure puzzle game aboard the Titanic! An opportunity you cannot miss to show all your abilities to solve hard puzzles and unlock doors.
From the creator of Escape the Prison adventure, an adventure puzzle game with 20 milion downloads worldwide, comes the latest amazing adventure: Escape Titanic adventure.
Can you find clues, solve puzzles and get out to the deck of the ship?

Main Features of this free Escape adventure game:

* An intriguin story of a mysterious thief of diamonds.
* Interact with the passengers and sailors of the Titanic to find clues.
* Many smart riddles to solve all around the ship.
* Amazing graphics and historical atmosphere to enjoy the best adventure experience.
*All the levels of the game are free to play

Can you escape from the Titanic?

Escape Titanic: free adventure game Android
Escape Titanic: free adventure game IOS

Mystery Manor – Puzzle Escape Adventure

Escape from this horror old mansion, doc Di Nero wants to trap you in his lab!

I am trapped!
I just woke up in this place, it looks so weird, i can see a table over there, there is a big recorder.
The voice of Doctor Di Nero comes from the tape. I am in this old mansion for an evil experiment, i must escape from here!
There is a door over there, it seems locked but i got these keys from the table.
The rooms are big and quite old, full of riddles, it is getting harder and harder to solve them, i hope i can do it.
Also the corridor is full of traps and puzzles, i must solve them  if i want to unlock the doors and break free, what i want is just to escape!
download the Experiment, escape game in google play!

Escape the prison: free adventure game

Escape the prison: free adventure game

Escape the prison is an adventure game “Room Escape”, you are a prisoner under close surveillance, there are guards around you and every exit is blocked by computer systems.

Looking in your cell you will find many objects and tools that may help you, try to use them or combine them.
Codes and passwords are scattered all around, find them and try to use them on computers to unlock bars and doors.
Around you there are other prisoners, try to figure out what they want and if they can help you to solve the puzzles.
If you want to try your hand at an adventure game full of suspense and fun, then try Escape the prison adventure!

Lost in the Forest – Classic Adventure Game

Lost in the forest is a classic adventure game. The protagonist is an airman who ends up in a storm, loses control of his plane and falls into a mysterious forest.
The next day is stuck under a tree and must find a way to break free and solve various puzzles to make it back home safely.

Features of “Lost in the Forest”:

  • Compelling graphics and attention to detail that will immerse you in a forest full of dangers and tricky puzzles to solve.
  • Collect items that are in the path and use them to solve puzzles and progress towards the solution of the game
  • On top of the screen there is an inventory of the objects found, can be useful at various stages of the game when you have to solve the puzzles.
  • This adventure game is suited to a wide audience, but given its mysterious and dark atmosphere is still recommended the presence of an adult.

Download now Lost in the Forest!